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Aaron Kwok Music Album Discography 2005 - Thematic (ID 20051)

Album Info


Title: Thematic
Release Date: December 2005
Language: Cantonese & Mandarin
Company: Warner Music Hong Kong
Availability: purchase online
Photos: Thematic
Music Videos:
Special Notes:
  • password for downloads is
  • This is a AVCD which comes with audio tracks and their respective music videos.
  • "Divergence" MV provides previews of the hit movie that garners Aaron "Best Actor" award at the Golden Horse 2005 award event.
  • "I Am Aaron Kwok" MV is about Aaron and it's a HOT video showing his awesome bod and "wife," the red Ferrari.

Song List

  1. Computer Data, Not Playable

  2. 親愛的 (MV)

  3. 飛 (MV)

  4. I Am Aaron Kwok(MV)

  5. 三岔口 (MV) (電影"三岔口"主題曲)

  6. 唱下去 (MV)

  7. 我 Buy (MV) (名人牙膏主題廣告歌)

  8. 親愛的

  9. I Am Aaron Kwok

  10. 三岔口

  11. 唱下去

  12. 我 Buy (名人牙膏主題廣告歌)

  13. 三岔口 (電影"三岔口"主題曲) (國語版)

  14. 富城主義 (I Am Aaron Kwok) (國語版)


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