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Aaron Kwok Biography
Toddler Years -
Kwok Fu-Shing, the youngest child of the family, was born dark and thin, and weighed just under 5 pounds.  He has 2 older brothers and two older sisters who love him a lot.  When Shing-Shing was one year old, he became very ill.  His mother, Chuek Seun, was terrified and prayed to the goddess for him to recover.  Shing-Shing eventually got better and Mrs. Kwok believed that was a miracle.  Perhaps this is why Shing-Shing that we know today is so religious and believes in the goddess.

First Crush -
Aaron's first crush was the year he turned four.  He had a crush on a girl in his class.  However, one day when he arrived to school early, he did not see the girl.  He asked his teacher about that and the teacher told him that she had moved away and was attending another school.  Little Aaron was upset and cried for the whole morning.  In a parent-teacher conference, Mr. and Mrs. Kwok found out about their youngest son's crush.  When Aaron's brothers and sister found out about his first crush, they teased him endlessly for two years!

School Days -
 During his elementary years, Aaron was never lonely.  During his free time, he loved to play games with his older sister, Kwok Fung Kwan.  Aaron remembers that one of his favorite holidays was Chinese New Year.  When he woke up, he would play Mah-Jong with his older brothers.  Aaron laughs nowadays, remembering how he used to be very obedient when relatives come over and hoping to get red pockets from them.  What did he do with the money?  Aaron said that one year, he saved all the money and bought himself a bicycle.  That was the best present he has ever gotten himself!

During the school years, after school, Aaron and his friends were not allowed to leave the house.  Aaron remembers that he was wrapped around his mother's legs and stuck his hands out the door to play "Rock, Scissors, and Paper" with the other children.

Brotherly Love -
Aaron mentions that as a young boy, his eldest brother, Kwok Fu-Gen, was his best friend.  Due to strict family discipline, the Kwok children were not allowed to go and play by themselves.  Therefore, his brother would take him to the park next to their old apartment in Shaukeiwan (Ming Wah Building).  They would play ball together.  Shortly after entering the Hong Kong entertainment circle, his brother died in a robbery, and this incident had a hard impact on him.  He said this was his first time facing death.  However, the death of his brother didn't make him scare of life.  In fact, Aaron learned to appreciate everything he has, and take more risks for his dreams. 

Singing -
Aaron loves music and singing ever since he was a little boy.  The first song he has ever sang?  "Pai Pai Quo Sic Sui Guo"!  Aaron laughs as he recalls.  This song was the first song he sang when he was two.  After that, you can say that his music career launched and improved over the years!

Waiter's Life -
At the age of fifteen, Aaron realized the importance of money in one's life.  He says that one of the main reasons is due to the popular (Sam Hui?) song at that time called "No Money No Talk."  One of Aaron's first jobs in the "real" world was being a waiter in a Korean restaurant.  At first, he would carry 4 or 5 plates at a time.  Aaron is the type of person who likes challenges.  When he got home from work, he would practice carrying many plates at once.  Mrs. Kwok was very supportive of her son, but at the same time, worrying that she could lose some plates. 

Looks -
Aaron realized many things in his teen years.  Besides money, he also realized that looks are fairly important too.  The year he turned sixteen, his second brother (the one who passed away) was considered very handsome.  At that time, Aaron was very small and skinny.  People wouldn't give him a second glance.  However, Aaron was somehow asked to be part of two commercials.  That experience made him realized he liked that kind of work, and he could make good money at the same time. 

 Family Trade -
The Kwok's family tradition was selling and trading jewelry.  At the age of seventeen, Mr. Kwok wanted Shing-Shing to learn how to trade jewelry.  Aaron didn't want to but agreed anyways since his father told him to do so.  The first thing he had to do was learn how to trade jewelry.  He took a job at another store to learn that.  However, a couple days before the start of his job, a few friends invited Aaron to a boat party.  Some sources says that he worked there as a summer job.  On the boat, he met a very conceited foreigner that could kick very high.  Aaron hated conceited people.  So to show the guy up, he kicked higher than the foreigner.  Everyone, including Aaron himself was amazed by the height of the kick.  Other sources say that the man told the manager and Aaron later got fired.  Two later, Aaron woke up with a swollen leg.  Doctors looked at it and said it was an athletic injury of some sort and he would have to rest for a week for it to heal properly.  He didn't even start his new job.  Aaron was supposed to begin work but the manager of the jewelry store was very dissatisfied and fired him over the phone. 

Entering the World of TVB - In 1984, Aaron's friends were signing up for auditions for new dancers at TVB.  Aaron had a low salary but was satisfied with the ways things turned out because he didn't want to be a jeweler like his father.  This was his job for three years.  At the age of 19, a Mrs. Lam approached Aaron and invited him to join an acting class.  He quickly refused, although not because he didn't have any interest in it.  but because in his mind, he wasn't the greatest dancer.  He didn't want to start something new before achieving the best he could.  He wanted to concentrate on being a better dancer as this was his current job. 

First Fans -
After a TVB show, Aaron met the first fans of his entire career as a performer.  As he was going back to the dressing room, he saw several female fans waiting for him, hoping to get his autograph.  This was the first time anyone wanted his autograph.  The fans said they were his dancing fans, and liked him a lot.  Aaron's cheeks, at this point, turned very red and blushing.  The other dancers and singers who participated in the show were staring at him and those fans.  At that time, Aaron was embarrassed.  He thought that the fans should be waiting with hopes of getting the singers' autographs, and not a background dancer, like him.  Those fans had written letters for him.  When he went home, he read them and felt very happy.  From then on, in TVB shows, he would perform the best he could and trying not to mess up.  He knew, that among the huge crowd, there was a little section cheering for him.  He was very gracious for their support.  

Success -
On his twenty-first birthday, Aaron made a wish:  to be a star.  He didn't want to be the supporting character anymore; he wanted to be the main character.  After this wish, he made a decision: to participate in the TVB acting class.  In 1988, he passed the class with flying colors, and was ranked number one in the class.  Other than sporting events, Shing-Shing was never first in anything.  This made him extremely happy.  After that class, he starred in a few television series, and then switched his career base to Taiwan in 1990.  The Motorbike commercial in Taiwan scored a hit for Aaron.  It featured an extremely boyishly cute Aaron chasing after a girl in a motorcycle.  The commercial created a huge hype, and girls ripped off his posters on the streets to keep.  Grabbing the opportunity, music and advertising companies offered Aaron with many contracts.  At this time, he also released his first music album, "Loving You Endlessly," which of course was a mega hit in Taiwan with 300,000 copies sold in Taiwan alone.  Seeing Aaron's success in Taiwan, Hong Kong welcome the homeboy back warmly, naming him one of the "4 Kings" of pop overnight. 

During Canto pop golden era throughout the 90s, the "4 Kings" had complete control over the music scene.  Besides Aaron, these foursome include Andy Lau, Leon Lai, and Jacky Cheung.  each of the four had his own uniqueness:  Aaron was known as the "King of Stage" for his gracious dancing ability; Leon as "Prince Charming," the dream lover of young girls; Andy as the "King of Cinema," whose movie records garner the Guinness Book as the actor with the most movies released; and Jacky, being the one with the best voice, was known as the "God of Song."  Yet, beside being noticed for their special talents, these foursome remained indispensable due to their extremely good looks.  Ever since they won this foursome title, every year, they'd control the music awards ceremonies with each one of them bagging up the most prestige awards.

Sometime during the mid 90s, Siu Mei had a few problems with her job as a director.  Aaron, being a close friend, offered a position to her as his manager...


**Credit: original script taken from:
Tracy Cheng, "Somebody Up There Likes Aaron", October 97



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