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Aaron Kwok De Show Reel Live @ Mohegan Sun 2007 (12/23/07)

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Video Clips
(excuse my "flying" video screen.  I was doing many things at the same time - screaming, whistling, waving, and filming=). When screen is not well-focused it's because my eyes were on Aaron instead of the camera. 

Part 1:
Opening song and dance
This is the best part of the concert. Opening dance clip is not mine.
*clip is combination of 2am and 2pm shows

Part 2:
"Pure Legend" and "Fly" - also do gymnastic moves with the ladder - but u have to watch the HK concerts to understand why he uses ladders. Because of distance and the size of stage and other issues, he can't bring everything that he needed to recreate the tricks he did at HK so he needs substitute, but not sure if ladder is the right substitute as it rather makes him looking funny dangling on them=)
*clip is from 2am show
Part 3:
 "You Are the Future" - Even before the cam is on, Aaron was looking down at me for a while  (I suppose he recognizes me from the first concert at this moment) and I was easy to spot because I sat in a row of empty seats - no idea why they were empty but seats behind and in front of me were filled. I was looking at Aaron not the cam so focus is not good.
*clip is from 2pm show
Part 4:
"Silver Highway" and "Absolutely Beautiful"
Part 5:
part 5 "I Love U So" - camera is shaking a lot as I was waving to Aaron throughout this song. 1st concert someone gave him flowers.  And he waved and smiled to me at the beginning of the song (2nd concert) so that's why I said "Hi, Aaron!"
*clip is a combination of 2am and 2pm shows
Part 6:
During a break, dancers went down to the audience for a tease - and they happened to come and stand right in front of me=)
*clip is from 2pm show
Part 7:
He talks English and joking. In order to introduce the next song which is from the very distant past, he tried to figure out how to translate a certain Chinese words into English. "Traveling back to 'memory lane'" became "I'm taking u guys into memory stick'" LOL! - he finally decided on reminisce being the correct word). Then, I screamed "UR SO SEXY" so he asked "Stripping?" which causes the girls go wild. Then back to guessing the name of the next song - while everyone was guessing "Love U Endlessly" he clarified (in English) that he is 42 years old now so he had this song 17 years ago (wrong, Aaron - the album came out in 92 so it's 15 years not 17 that's why we guessed it's "Love U Endlessly"). Then he gave a good clue, which is the song is one of his first Cantonese songs and when it came out his fans were little girls but now they're all grown up, got married...and still no one gets the right title which is "Why did I let You Go?". Actually, I know it was this song (as I probably know most of his songs) but didn't say it 'cause my Cantonese accent is BAD! P.S. excuse my devilish laughs when he said he's 42 yrs old LOL! 
*clip is from 2am show
Part 8:
"Why Did I Let You Go?"
*clip is combination of 2am and 2pm shows
Part 9:
"Memorandum" and shield fight - maybe AK is giving us a hint of what a stage musical is like, which is his next project:)
*clip is from 2am show
Part 10:
He says, "if you love me then give me cheers as this song is related."
The song is "Love's Call"
In the 2nd concert, before the song, he joked in English again - really cute:)
*clip is combination of 2am and 2pm shows
Part 11:
plays piano singing "Divergence".  He says "As you can see, I don't know how to play Piano. Previously, I have tried drums, saxophone, and now piano. To answer your love, I'll try to learn to play for you.  I hope to be remembered by fans as a multi-talented artist."  BTW, in 97, he tried guitar too, which he forgot to mention.  And yes, Aaron, your fans know you are talented and always trying, that's why we love you so much! But the drums were still the best! 
*clip is combination of 2am and 2pm shows
Part 12:
"My Only Color"
*clip is from 2am show
Part 13:
"Before Leaving"
says "This is going to be this show's last song because time is limited.  I just wanna say 'I'll Miss You'  - if u wanna see more of me, come to HK - just kidding!"
2nd show - "Thank you Mohegan Sun for inviting me. I hope to have other opportunities to perform for you guys in the future and hear your cheers!"
--- Cheers ---
"I would like to hear you call my English name"
"Let me hear the girls!"
"What about the guys?"

Tracy: Nope, I didn't call his name wrong.  That's how his name is usually called so I purposely called it in the wrong accent as it has been called all these years..
*Clip is combination of 2am and 2pm shows

Part 14:
Cool encore dance by dancers and then AK comes out grooving to "Sing This Song"
*clip is from 2pm show
Part 15:
Encore: "Go for it!" and "Fascinating" and "Tonight's Mood"
He uses white confetti to fake snow.  This is to replace the water element from the HK concert.
*clip is from 2pm show


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