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Dates: 14 - 17 Feb 2008

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AKMD Aaron Kwok Latest News Briefing Archive
--- 12-28-08 ---
Aaron has just completed his 2007 North American world tour with 3 shows in Vancouver, Canada, and Mohegan Sun, USA.  Due to stage setting limitation, Aaron was not able to perform all of his tricks from the Hong Kong concerts.  As a result, he had to find substitute. He uses ladders in place of the bars in HK to perform his gymnastic moves. And instead of water, white confetti was used to fake snow to match the North American Christmas atmosphere.  Both fans and sponsors responded warmly to Aaron's concerts, therefore, sponsors are asking him to return for a second round in end of 2008.  At the same time, ticket bookings for Aaron's De Show Reel Part 2 concerts at the AsiaWorld-Expo is going so fast, organizer had to add 100 additional phone lines to take calls. 

AKMD was present at the Mohegan Sun concerts. For pictures and video clips, click here.

--- 12-13-08 ---
Aaron was guest performer at Jay Chow's concert in Hong Kong.  Together, they sang "Love" which was composed by Jay for Aaron's "My Nation" album.  And then they danced to Aaron's classic "Love You Endlessly".  Aaron ended his appearance with "Dear". click below to see clips.
--- 12-8-07 ---
Aaron was the award presenter for the 44th Golden Horse Award show.  Aaron, the 2-time consecutive golden horse best actor winner was nominated again this year for the same award competing against Tony Leung.  Aaron did not win "Best Actor" but his movie, "The Detective" garner "Best Art Direction".
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--- 4-16-07 ---
The 26th Hong Kong Film Awards results announced yesterday.  "After This, Our Exile" is once again, the biggest winner of the night with five prizes for "Best Film", "Best Director", "Best Screenplay", "Best New Performer" and "Best Supporting Actor".  Unfortunately, our Aaron did not win "Best Actor".  This year's best actor nominees include Aaron Kwok, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, and Sean Lau Ching Wan.  To everyone's surprise, Sean Lau beats out the favorites for the crown of "movie king".  Read more at: Yahoo! News |
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--- 12-16-06 ---
Aaron dominates Guangdong's 9+2 music award ceremony presentation, winning a total of 4 big prizes! 

Aaron Kwok --- 12-4-06 ---
"Son of Wind" music video revealed.  Hung Dai Lam is MV girl...


 This is Aaron Kwok's bodyIt is not fake.  The fake part is the bottom part, which is cut out in the above picture.  But what if Aaron really do a nude photo book.  How will you take it?  Please take the poll:
--- 11-26-06 ---
For the benefits to the victims of the Tsunami in previous year, Aaron Kwok contributed his part with a sexy pose for Leslie Kee's pictorial book, "Superstar," which features about 300 celebrities posing half-nude.  Unfortunately, photographer used computer effects to remove his brief making it looking overexposed and caused an uproar...
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BTW, here are some more aaronicious pics:


Aaron Kwok --- 11-25-06 ---
Congratulations to Aaron for winning "Best Actor" award at the 43rd Golden Horse Award Presentation Ceremony!  Beside "Best Actor," "After This, Our Exile" also won "Best Supporting Actor" (Ian Iskandar) and "Best Feature Film".

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Pace Wu --- 11-24-06--
In 1990, Aaron filmed a
motorcycle advertisement in Taiwan and caused an AK mania.  Thousands of young school-age girls fell for for his innocent and adorable face. Overnight, Aaron went from being unknown to "superstar" status.  Among the many girls that fantasized him, we had Pace Wu, one of today Taiwan's "Most Beautiful Women."  In her blog Pace  revealed Aaron is her childhood idol.  It was this advertisement that she began taking interest in him.  Then in her high school commemorative book, she wrote that her dream for growing up is to be Aaron's girlfriend. 

With regard to Hung Dai Lam, Pace joked, "As long as he (Aaron) is not married, then I still have a chance!" Read more/Comments...


Hung Dai Lam --- 11-18-06 ---
Aaron is recently been rumored to be dating Shanghai supermodel, Hung Dai Lam (Lynn). Lynn is 5'9 (2 inches taller than Aaron).  reporters asked whether she would mind her boyfriend being shorter than her, she said, "Doesn't matter!  What matters is the feeling!"  Lynn meet Aaron about 3 months ago during a function for Nokia N73.  She requested a photo with Aaron and then they talked further backstage. 
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--- 11-13-06 ---
Aaron attended Asia Game Expo, where he is the ambassador. The event introduces the new PS3 and being their spokesperson, Aaron is the fist in Hong Kong to receive the game. A game image, "Son of the Wind" is also created for Aaron.


Aaron and crew of After This, our Exile went to Rome for the first ever Rome International Film Festival, for which Aaron is competing for the "Best Actor" award.  Aaron expresses that he's very excited to attend this event as it's the first time ever he has attended an International film event.  Next, they will also be going to The Pusan International Film Fest in Korea, and the Tokyo International Film Festival.
Clip of crews touring Rome:
youtube | megaupload
Clip of crews at the Red Carpet in Rome:  megaupload


After almost a year since "Thematic", new album, "My Nation" is  released on October 17.  The album consists of mostly new Mandarin songs produced at the new company, Music Nation, including chart-topping "Silver Highway" and "Love," composed by Jay Chow.  Picture on the left is excerpt from "Love" music video, filmed recently in Taiwan, with Xin Ru, a member of the girl band, Yummy.  Xin Ru expressed that Aaron is her childhood idol, hence, she has no trouble doing romantic scenes with him.  She also done some album promotion for Aaron as well:)
Download Love MV complete version
Youtube | Megaupload |
Download album promotion by Xin Ru
Youtube Megaupload |
Aaron has shaved his hair for a new movie, "The Silver Valley," for which he is now in China to do the filming. 
FYI:  watch out when you go out the street of Hong Kong for the car plate with the name "AARON".  Guess who just won it for $250.000 USD?  Click here for the whole story...
Congratulations to Aaron and crews of "After This, Our Exile" for getting two nominations for "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" at the first ever Rome Film Festival.  The tentative release date of the movie is November 11,2006 in HK.  However, it has been shown in Rome for the festival in September. Check out the web site and leave message to support Aaron and crew at

---8/11/06 ---
To celebrate his new beginnings, Aaron unleashed a new Mandarin song, "Silver Highway".  Weeks ago, he also bought himself a new sport car from Italy, the Pagani Zonda, worth about HK$10 million.  This new "wife" is only one among his collection of about a dozen sports car, which include various models of Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and now Pagani Zonda.  The maker of the car, Horacio Pagani,  personally came to HK to present Aaron the key to his car.

Aaron's new song: Silver Highway
[watch mv at Sina] [Watch mv at yahoo] [download mv and sample clip] password for zip is

--- 8/10/06 ---
Aaron was at the Nokia N73 launch with Michelle Lee.
--- 8/9/06 ---
Congratulations to Aaron for signing with Music Nation.  The company, with the backing of Richard Li, is offering Aaron an "unlimited" promotional budget.  There is also rumors of Aaron holding a series of 10 concerts for 2007.  Don't forget to join the new Aaron's board at Music Nation!  Register in English here and say hi to all of us!
--- 8/5/06 ---
 Aaron performed at the Soft Hard Duo concert.  Eric Kwok and Jan Lamb are two of AK's best friends and they naturally became very "at home".  They joked and revealed many intimate details about each other.  His friends revealed that AK's bathtub is as big as a swimming pool!  The highlight of the concert came when Aaron did some sort of break dancing - very cool and shows his never-ending energies.  download clip
aaron and se7en --- 7/22/06 ---
Aaron performed at the "Moov Love Music" concert.  His performance was at 12 am so he came out of the stage in pajamas and then changed his outfits onstage.  AK gave off a hot and sizzling performance and sent the audience screaming mad when he ripped open his shirt!  Other singers performed includes Twins, Ho Wan Si, eo2, and Se7en (in the right picture) from Korea.  click below to download Aaron's performance megaupload or sendspace password for zip is (Thanks to Icemay from Warner Taiwan AK board for the clip)
--- 7/18/06 ---
 Aaron Becomes the spokesperson for  Saint Honore Cake, advertising their Moon cakes.  Doesn't he look yummy??
--- 7/16/06 ---
Aaron went to see the Broadway show "The Phantom of the Opera" shown in HK.  He revealed that he is in negotiation to star in the Asian version of this musical, and this too, is one of his dreams - to be able to sing, dance, and perform all at once onstage (which is where our Aaron belongs:)

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